About Me

Let me start by introducing myself.
My name is Melissa Randall.

me with camera

I was born in Cortland, New York on a cold winter day in January.  My birthday is actually kind of cool; I was born 01/05 at 1:05 am.  In my family it is my parents, my two sisters, and me.  I am the middle child.  My older sister is Amanda and my younger sister Jennifer.  I grew up and attended school in a small town called Cincinnatus, New York.  I was very active throughout my years in school; I was a three-sport athlete at school as well as competing in a youth archery league.  I played soccer, softball, and my favorite sport, volleyball.  I graduated seventh in my class with an Advanced Regents Degree with a sequence in computers.  When I graduated from high school I was unsure of what I really wanted to go to college for.  I knew I wanted to go to college to further my education.  At first I was going to go just as a liberal arts degree, but then while I was searching through college catalogs I found a college that offered photography as a major.  I thought that was cool because I always had an interest in photography.  When I was younger my grandmother would buy me disposable cameras for me to use.  I then decided that that’s what I wanted to go to school for, and further my knowledge of photography with hopes of after graduation I could start my own photography business.  I attended Herkimer County Community College for two years and obtained my Associates in Photographic Technology in 2009.

After graduating from Herkimer College, I couldn’t get by taking pictures here and there, so I entered the workforce.  I had a couple jobs and as time passed I kept telling myself that I should go back to college to get another degree, something that I might be able to use.  I had no idea what I wanted to do though or what would be a good major that could turn into a career.  After a lot of research, I decided that might want to work in the medical field.  I didn’t want to be a doctor and have to go to school forever and deal with blood, because I don’t think I could do that, I get faint around wounds with blood.  I thought maybe a medical transcriptionist would be a good career, well they don’t offer that as a major it’s too specific, but Broome Community College offered a program like that called Health Information Technology.  In 2012 I attended BCC and I did a semester of the classes in the Health Information Management field.  At the end of the semester I decided it wasn’t for me.  It involved a lot of science classes and science is not my cup of tea.  It was my worst subject in high school and I do not enjoy it one bit.  So more research and pondering what I really wanted to do and go to college for.  After meeting with a career counselor I decided on a new major.  I was going to study business and obtain my second associates in Business Information Management.  I decided on that career because it has good options for careers but it would also help me with my photography business.

I am a huge animal lover.  My favorite animals are rabbits and frogs.  My only “child” is my ‘lil man’ who is a mini longhaired dachshund named Copper.  He was born without retinas and therefore is completely blind; he cannot even see shadows although everyone claims he can because he does so well at navigating.  He does not know any different because he was born that way so he gets along like nothing is wrong.  He does very well for being blind; he relies on his other senses a lot because he is lacking one.  He loves to be outside and play, whether it’s summer time or five inches of snow on the ground he will play for hours!

I am so glad we decided to bring copper home that day.  It was quite a challenge to train him and potty train him.  Training Copper was somewhat difficult because we couldn’t use hand motions like you would with most dogs.  We had to be creative while training him.  We even had to customize the games we played.  We can’t throw a Frisbee for him to catch; he can’t see it! His all time favorite game is tug-of-war.  He will play forever with you as long as you have something he can pull on, whether it is a rope or even your pant leg!  Another one of his favorite activities/hobbies is digging.  It is common of his breed to dig.  Dachshunds  were bred to hunt badgers and scare  them out of their holes.  The name “dachshund” is of German origin and literally means “badger dog”.

In June of 2014, I made a huge move in my life and career.  My Fiancé and I moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Myrtle Beach is one of the major centers of tourism in the United States because of the city’s warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches,which make a nice location shoot because of the beauty in the location.  Myrtle beach is also a more populated area therefore there is more of a need for a professional photography service.

Photography is my passion and I love to take all kinds of pictures, such as portraits (humans or animals), nature, events, weddings, engagements, maternities and much more.  I work with a Canon 20D and am able to edit to your liking.


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