Black and White Film

Here are some pictures that I have taken on a film camera:

This first picture is actually two pictures but instead of developing them separately, I put one negative on top of the other which is called negative sandwiching. The first picture is a line up of busses, then I placed a picture of a school sign on top of the other negative and made a print.  Because there are two negatives on top of each other the paper had to be exposed more because there wasn’t the normal amount of light coming through the machine.  I also had to dodge some places like the sign that is on top so it would come in darker so it wouldn’t fade in with the busses.

This picture was a negative sandwich as well, but in this print I had to try to line up th two pictures using only the negatives before making a print, which was somewhat difficult.  I also had to dodge this picture and expose it longer to the light because the negatives together lets through less light than one negative would.

  This picture was taken with a tripod and a shutter release because it was taken at night with no flash.  It a picture of a snowy bridge in Herkimer, NY.

This picture was also taken at night with no flash.  When you are taking pictures at night you have to take several pictures when you are working with a film camera because you cannot see your results right away like with a digital camera.  You  have to use different intervals of time you are going to allow light to enter the camera.  This picture was taken in my hometown around christmas time.  It is the three Wise men riding to see baby Jesus on their camels.  It is part of the nativity scene the town puts up every year.

This picture is of my dad riding his dirt bike.  The style of this picture is motion blur, which means you choose what to blur and what to keep in focus.  To take this picture I kept my camera focused on him as he rode around the field.  Therefore he is in focus and the background is blurred.

The last picture I used a fisheye camera, which is one of my favorites to use.  As you see it puts a vignette type of border around the pictures as well as wraps the corners of the picture around into a circle kind of.

Click an any image to enlarge for better viewing.

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